A (Short?) Farewell to Vintage Jersey Mecca

Ebbets Field Flannels Liquidates Seattle Storefront Strange times we're living in. Strange times indeed. Been sort of surreal since returning from my business trip to London and Amsterdam, just as U.S. borders were closing, I haven't left my house in 14 days due to self-quarantining (I fortunately feel fine), so I have not had a... Continue Reading →

What’s on Stephen King’s IT Mug?

Caught in this creepy pic is Stephen King, making a cameo in It, Chapter Two. I’d paused the in-flight movie to study the symbol on his mug: anything significant, Constant Readers? Apropos of Something: Hidden meaning in movie mug? Life is random, randomly filled with randomness. And a discerning Dad keeps careful track. On my... Continue Reading →

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