Enjoy the Fourth – Responsibly!

Party Like There's a Tomorrow on July 4 We had a saying in my hometown: "Stay out of the police log." My wife's family also has a saying, right before waving you goodbye on a long trip: "Drive carefulment." I've added a certain levity to that last saying by pronouncing it, "au franzay": drive carefoomaw. But... Continue Reading →

Achievement Unlocked: Cooking for 50

Shoveling Up Grub: Dadding With Distinction Date: May 15, 2018 Time: 6 p.m. Location: Spellerberg Park Picnic Shelter, Sioux Falls, SD Temperature: 85 F Equipment used: Coleman Roadtrip XCursion propane grill, spatula, tongs On the menu: Approximately 40 frozen burger patties, 40 kosher hot dog links - Costco Length of achievement: 53 minutes Achievement, described:... Continue Reading →

Laud and Cheer: The Jalapeño

In Praise of The Jalapeño For a while before he moved down to the coastal Carolinas, where the main things coming out of the ground seem to be Bermuda grass and the occasional alligator, my Renaissance Dad (see: stained glass making, wine making, wood carving, furniture refinishing, deck building, etc. ...) had a thing for... Continue Reading →

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