Meandering Man: Free (Extended) Nashville Weekend

Lazy (Extra) Days in Nashville - Dad About Town After an early career as a journalist that afforded me titillating glimpses of the wilder parts of Sandusky, Ohio (the North Coast!!!) and the Chicago suburbs (Naperville! Downers Grove! Wheaton! Bolingbrook!!!!!!!!!) -- I've been blessed to upgrade from that scintillating travelogue to the farflung locales the... Continue Reading →

Laud and Cheer: The Jalapeño

In Praise of The Jalapeño For a while before he moved down to the coastal Carolinas, where the main things coming out of the ground seem to be Bermuda grass and the occasional alligator, my Renaissance Dad (see: stained glass making, wine making, wood carving, furniture refinishing, deck building, etc. ...) had a thing for... Continue Reading →

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