Smile a While: Happy Banana!

Random smiling banana in spoon tray in kitchen
Smile a while — and give your face a rest.

Random Smiling Banana – Give Your Face a Rest

In this new, recurring feature, we hunt down the things in everyday life that randomly tickle you.

Around my house, it could be a stupid pet trick. Or — quite often — something my sons have drawn. Or a spontaneous quip in the middle of our hectic, loving household.

It’s important, in these troubled times, to grab onto whatever excuse you can find to smile. And laugh. Take a big gulping breath full of life and savor it.

Hence, this smiling banana.

A bit of a cheeky fellow, isn’t he?

Noticed him one morning, blearily pulling the coffee beans from the fridge and walking past to the grinder. What the–?

Some enterprising body in my house had seen an opportunity, grabbed a marker, and made some goofy magic. Which only goes to show the genes, and maybe my wife and I, have taught him well.

Here’s to you, Mr. Banana. Well played.

Smile a while, and give your face a rest!

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