I Am Dad, Destroyer of Toothbrushes

Three Electric Toothbrushes: Dadtritus Alert Is it just me, or do most Dads mow through toothbrushes with our mighty molars at a pace that leaves them buzzing and stuttering in our wake? To wit: at last count, I had not one, not two, but three Philips Sonicare models of various vintage standing sentry on my... Continue Reading →

Public Washrooms: Passive Aggressive Much?

Dumb Shit I Say: Public BathroomsThis first installment in "shit I say" takes a look at my passive-aggressive side. And perhaps yours, too? Today we visit that delightful destination of discomfort -- but necessity -- the public bathroom. Let's skip ahead to when you've finished your business and you dutifully, habitually -- right? -- make... Continue Reading →

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