What’s on Stephen King’s IT Mug?

Caught in this creepy pic is Stephen King, making a cameo in It, Chapter Two. I’d paused the in-flight movie to study the symbol on his mug: anything significant, Constant Readers? Apropos of Something: Hidden meaning in movie mug? Life is random, randomly filled with randomness. And a discerning Dad keeps careful track. On my... Continue Reading →

Omnibus Takes on Cincinnati Chili

Sky Line Chili Isn't Exactly Ken Jennings's Dish In what has certainly become a trend, and is rapidly becoming a certainty, my oldest son, Jonah, is proving daily just how much cooler he is than Dad. Among his latest trendy obsessions is tuning in avidly to The Omnibus Project, a twice weekly effort by Ken... Continue Reading →

Cabin Camping Dreaming on Such a Winter’s Day

Keeping the Fire Going at Camp Shetek With temperatures pushing 60 degrees this weekend in South Dakota, and the snow melting away like the disappearing drifts of wrapping paper from a Christmas that seems... just yesterday, it's easy to imagine this fine March 1 that we've left the winter doldrums behind. When, in reality, there's the usual... Continue Reading →

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