Omnibus Takes on Cincinnati Chili

Homemade Skyline Chili and Cheese Coney
The perfect serving of homemade Cincinnati Chili — with a cheese coney on the side!

Sky Line Chili Isn’t Exactly Ken Jennings’s Dish

In what has certainly become a trend, and is rapidly becoming a certainty, my oldest son, Jonah, is proving daily just how much cooler he is than Dad.

Among his latest trendy obsessions is tuning in avidly to The Omnibus Project, a twice weekly effort by Ken Jennings (of Jeopardy fame, and through recent competition, GOAT) and indie musician John Roderick to chronicle strange-but-true tales for a future generation, you know, because as things are going our demise is likely more imminent than not.

The premise isn’t that doom and gloom. And Jonah has delighted in hooking up his iPhone to our kitchen radio to share stories ranging from a bear made private in Poland’s army circa World War II, to the hate mail garnered by an enterprising ancient Sumerian.

Hey, it goes great with the morning coffee.

Jonah has even established a pen pal connection with Ken and John, sharing ideas for possible episodes, and getting the scoop on the odd upcoming tidbit.

But, much to our surprise, in a February 13 entry the duo chronicled my family’s favorite dish — Cincinnati Chili.

John proved to be an outright chili aficionado, while Ken didn’t hide his distaste at the peculiar ingredients — cocoa? cumin? SPAGHETTI? — in southeast Ohio’s emblematic cuisine.

We loved every morsel they recorded.

I’ve written about my family’s obsession in this and other spaces before, of course. But it’s always nice to see the tale of Cincinnati Chili, like a faithful belly after a couple platefuls, reach greater masses.


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